I just wanted to say what a wonderful little theatre you have. The staff were outstanding, the bar brilliant (as were the prices), the general feel of the building wonderful and in all a great experience.”



Local Giving have once again launched their Grow Your Tenner campaign. It means that they will be matching one-time donations pound-for-pound of up to £10, and monthly donations of up to £10 per month for 6 months.

So, if you kindly donate £10.00, local giving will match it and we get £20 towards our raise the roof campaign!

For more details and to donate please see the links below:


If you are able to give some pounds, we would be very grateful. Our roof would be too!


Welcome to the Marine Theatre website! Please see our ‘What’s On’ page for full details of our programme. Or, if you fancy putting your feet up and have a leisurely perambulate through our spring brochure, you can do so here…


Raise the Roof!

You  may have seen in the press that we’re raising money for a new roof. To find out more (or to donate!), please click here