Adopt A Year

Support the Marine

Originally, part of our 125th anniversary celebrations, we’re looking for supporters of the Marine to do something amazing and adopt one of the years from our history for £125. We’re carrying on the fundraising in to 2020.

It could be the year of your birth or a special historic event.

Year after year we bring cultural and social events to Lyme Regis – films, music, screenings, comedy, and community gatherings.

We’re here thanks to the support of you – whether you come to see a show, become a member, or volunteer. It all helps.

By Adopting A Year, you will help us secure a legacy for the next 125 years to help us continue to deliver a rich programme for the whole community. You’ll become part of our future with your name on our wall!

Phone 01297 442138 or click on the button below to Adopt A Year

You’ll get some amazing things

  • Named on a plaque on our wall
  • A certificate of your adopted year
  • An anniversary enamel badge
  • Your name on our website
  • A thank you on social media
  • An invite to a party to unveil the plaque

Thank-you to these generous folk who have ‘Adopted A Year’

1894Jeff Scowen
1895Adrian Hillier
1896David Edwards
1900Mrs Susan J Wilson
1917Sydney Winstanley
1921Margaret Winstanley
1925Jane Mcgee & Tom Hunt
1927For Dorothy and Peter (Jinx) Morris from all the family
1934Tracey Blech & Emily Enid Blech
1938Chloe, Genevieve & Theodore Emmerson Miller
1939Mrs Margaret Rose
1940Mr Anthony Hill
1941Joe Tesoriere
1944Julie Critchinson
1946Oliver Ford Davies
1949Kevin & Polly Benfield
1951Phillip & Linda Ambler
1954Rowlie Mcbeath
1955The Morris Family
1956Linda Hurley
1958Kim & Kerry Quick
1960Gary & Julia Strain
1962Leigh Hammond
1963Pip & Geoff Broome
1964Mr A J Gingell
1968David & Alexandra Emmerson
1969Debra Finn
1973Annemarie & Ian Marshall
1974Liz & Hilton Davis
1976Jeremy Lovegrove
1978Julia Glenn
1979Lindsay & Karen Sykes
1982Gill & Ivor Smith
1983Pam & Hugh Corbin
1986Mrs Janet Joyner
1989Liz & Hilton Davis
1992Ridley Family
1998Jenny Waldron
2000Cleveland B&B
2001Jill Dean
2002Lesley M Stone
2003The Buchanan Family
2005The Loveridge Family
2007Margie Barbour
2011Julia Glenn
2013Mabel Price Morton
2014Italia Ristorante & Pizzeria
2015Ken & Krys Lavery
2016Gillian Hall
2018Alma Lowe
2019Wayne & Sarah Wixted