Wedding Caterers’ Information


A 10% commission is charged to all caterers working at the Marine Theatre. Caterers must provide a copy of their total invoice which they are sending to the couple. This should be by email to A return invoice for 10% will be raised, for which payment is due within 14 days.


If you are invited to be featured on the wedding section of our website as a ‘Recommended Caterer’ there is a fee of £200 for a 12-month period. Most couples ask for guidance and choose our recommended suppliers. 


As an old theatre we do not have a kitchen and there are no cooking facilities within the building. As such, caterers need to be self-sufficient and cook from a catering tent outside the theatre on Theatre Square. The catering tent needs to be arranged between the caterer and the customer. Taddle Farm Tents are familiar with the theatre’s set up. 


Please use gas wherever possible to prevent an overload of power. 

There are 3 separate ring mains caterers can draw power from.

1 x double 13 amp socket on the theatre balcony with a drop down cable to the tent.
1 x 13 amp extension from the theatre office, which can run from the window.|
1 x  50 metre 16 amp extension with two 16 amp outlets, as well as a 16amp to 13 amp double converter, to run a 16 amp and 2 x 13 amp off  the drum (power load permitting). 


1 x outside tap with hose reel / 1 x outside drain for grey water.


Please take all waste away with you at the end of the event. 


Deliveries on a Friday or before any event must be managed by the caterer. Suppliers need clear instruction from the Caterer as to where equipment is to be sited. Marine Theatre staff cannot help lift or carry heavy loads so drivers and suppliers must have enough staff to be self-sufficient when delivering.  


All hired catering equipment must be collected the day after an event (i.e. this would Sunday after a Saturday wedding). Equipment cannot be stored inside the theatre as there are regular Sunday evening events.


Access to the front of the Marine Theatre is restrictive as you will need to pass under a narrow archway. High top vans cannot fit under the archway.

Higher vehicles can unload at the rear access of the theatre on ‘Long Entry’ or on Church Street, walking through the archway.

The measurements of the archway are:

The lowest part of the archway is 255 cm

The narrowest width is 240cm

Vehicles larger than a normal transit van will not fit around the front so will need to unload at the rear of the theatre from the lane called Long Entry

Long Entry is a sharp turn next to the traffic lights and to the side of a large orange building. Please see the map and photograph below. 

Long Entry is for unloading only and vehicles must be moved after deliveries have been made. 


Please contact the office :