Verity starts Backstage! theatre life through the lens of one of our new Interns…


Intern Blog Day 1



Hello, I’m Verity and I’m one of two new interns at the Marine Theatre. We thought it would be fun to tell you about the inner workings of the theatre through the eyes of an intern – who knows, maybe you might want to apply in future, or know someone who would. Both Jazmine and I get the sense we’re in for an exciting roller-coaster ride for the next six months!


My first impressions of the theatre? Well I was literally blown towards the theatre by a windy January morning – it pulled me in like a magnet! Soon I was entering into my own kind of wardrobe into Narnia…


The dimmed entrance was deceiving, and as soon as I crossed the threshold I was hit by the most wonderful sensory mix of that unique Marine Theatre smell (an artistic raw scent of paint and wood), and that deep, deep blue of the walls, ceiling, theatre, curtains…my favourite colour is definitely going to define my next six months!


As we learned the ropes I was surrounded by the sound of the sea and the hauntingly poetic folksong of our resident ‘R&D’ theatre group, working on a version of Far From the Madding Crowd for just two actors. It all felt like a lovely dream, with the actors strumming beautiful guitars and singing out to the sea while we learned about marketing over steaming cups of tea.


Thanks Verity! Thanks Jazmine, more from theatre life Backstage! next time…