• MUSIC | THE CUBAN BROTHERS | FRIDAY 24 AUGUST - Music and comedy from the festival favourites   The Cuban Brothers’ unrivalled funk soul review blends soulful music with b-boy action and riotous comedy. From humble beginnings, Miguel Mantovani, Archerio Mantovani, Kengo Sanand Domenico have built Los Hermanos Cubanos – The Cuban Brothers – into a legendary outfit that continuously sells out shows across the […]
  • THEATRE | A PURE WOMAN | SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER - Set in the winter of 1924 – 25, and based on true events, A Pure Woman tells the story of 84 year-old Thomas Hardy’s affair with Gertrude Bugler and the jealousy it inspired in his second wife, Florence. Poignant and elegiac, this love triangle touches on issues of ageing, marriage, the lingering influence of a […]
  • THEATRE | NOT: LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER | SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER - A laughter-filled parody of the D.H. Lawrence novel     Lady Chatterley welcomes home her husband, Clifford, from a war that has left the world in tatters. With Clifford’s legs also in tatters, he arrives at Wragby Hall confined to a wheelchair and clutching his secret. As the couple grow apart Constance falls into a […]
  • THEATRE | POP MUSIC | TUESDAY 27 NOVEMBER - A theatre and music show by the acclaimed company Paines Plough A wedding. A free bar. A blast from the past. G and Kayla’s lives are a mess but tonight they’re determined to Have It Large. As their veins course with adrenaline and cheap prosecco we follow them on an epic journey through thirty years […]
  • THEATRE | INTRONAUTS | FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER - Intronauts is an hour-long, absurd and highly visual performance with puppetry, physical comedy, original music and integrated animated projection. In a not-too-distant future, people can buy personal cleaners called Intronauts; miniaturised human workers injected into their bodies in order to carry out essential maintenance. But what happens if your cleaner discovers your dirty laundry? And […]