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Maddy's Madhatter's Tea Party

Cscape Trailer: Taste

No Trolley Dollies at Cscape…


This weekend the Marine Theatre hosts a Cornish dance company with their new show Taste. It is so new that we didn’t know much about it until our roving theatre blogger, Sophia Moseley, tracked down one of the Cscape company who was trundling around with a tea trolly on the Lyme Regis Promenade last weekend.

It turns out that Maddy, who studied at Circomedia in Bristol, is no stranger to our town,

“My sister and I came here as children, she would always go in the sea and always have an ice cream, no matter what, so she always had a cold runny nose. We used to go to Charmouth looking for fossils. So there are plenty of happy memories here.”

….this from Sophia out in the field!


“Are you Earl Grey or Lady Grey and if you were a sweet, would you be a Cadbury’s eclair or Werther’s Original or perhaps a Ferrero Rocher? You are what you are by the things that you eat…”

But Maddy wasn’t talking about a sensible diet; she was promoting the Cscape TASTE show that is all about social class and how each of us categorise ourselves. Her audience were certainly intrigued and curious but not wholly enthusiastic. One grandfather snubbed our courageous artiste by looking the other way, refusing a biscuit and telling his grand-daughters not to take a sweet from the bowl!

A parental warning rang in my ears…never accept sweets from strangers.

Of course even in our multi-cultural society, there is still that oh so British reserve of look the other way, avoid eye contact and pretend you can’t see them when faced with anyone or anything unknown.

“It’s a bit soul destroying” she said as we continued in our search of a receptive audience. But then we met Jenny Short, a local with a cheery disposition sitting by her beach hut and who was in no doubt what sweet she would be, “Oh definitely the Ferrero Rocher, I like the way they’re crunchy, and their squashiness and definitely their nuttiness, oh yes!”

And as we made our way past the Cobb Gate Fish Bar and the Rock Point Inn, handing out large cardboard coasters with a ticket offer, I couldn’t help but wonder about the nuttiness of Maddy, with her knitted tea cosy hat, tweed blazer and neck scarf pushing her trolley noisily along the cobbled road to continue entertaining Lyme’s reluctant audience.


Thanks Sophia! It’s amazing how hard artists have to work hard on and off stage to get audiences in, and keep all of our taste buds satisfied…

More backstage blog news next week.