Sophia is Backstage! with The Drive R&D


“I’m not going to apologise for cleaning the fridge.”

Now my paranoia knows no bounds so when I heard Lynne Forbes, Co-Artistic Director of Angel Exit Theatre saying this to the other co-director Tamsin Fessey I discretely dashed over to the theatre fridge fearing the worst.

Such was their convincing acting as they practiced their lines walking round the theatre, but I was relieved to discover it was an important line in their performance.

The Drive has been on hold due to their other show Otto and the Robin, along with a trip to Denmark with the Marine’s ex-theatrical director Tim Bell, but now it’s back on the agenda,

“With the R&D show coming up it was good to galvanize ideas again, we want to find a physical and theatrical language and see what we can do within the framework” said Lynne.

A story of a friendship between two women; regrets, grief, loss and memories of relationships they have had with other female friends; you soon work out the two completely different characters, one of them is pretty relaxed about life but the other standoffish and reluctant to talk.

But it is during the drive itself and later in the hotel when some recognisable human behaviour patterns start to emerge; those awkward moments when we let our guard down after we’ve had one too many and then losing our temper in an explosion of anger, and it is this audience awareness that Lynne and Tamsin are hoping to draw on.

They have also deliberately kept the props to the minimum combining the tech with their acting so the audience focus on the performers,

“We are aiming to have a show that doesn’t have much kit and finding interesting ways the actors can control and project the imaging.”

There was certainly plenty of positive audience feedback so I look forward to hearing more about the theatrical journey of ‘The Drive’ and in the meantime we’ll keep an eye on the fridge!