Sophia is Backstage! with KiteHigh


KiteHigh Theatre enjoy our unrestricted R&D workspace

Little Princess; makes you think of pink frills and taffeta doesn’t it, but if you watched the KiteHigh Theatre production of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s story, you would have enjoyed so much more. Because Abigail Pickard Price, Artistic Director and founder of KiteHigh wanted to explore the feasibility of turning this elaborate story and blockbuster film into a stage production that would encapsulate the important elements of the story whilst adding a few of their own ideas.

“I love the story and I’ve wanted to do it for ages but I wondered if I was mad because it’s a really big story; but we’ve not restricted ourselves and everyone reassured me I wasn’t mad!” said Abi.

And that’s what the ‘Marine Theatre R&D’ week is all about; unrestricted thought processes. How to portray the vastness of Miss Minchin’s boarding school for instance; with two large wooden frames on wheels representing the many doors and corridors, from the scullery where Becky the lowly maid worked all the way up to the attic where Sara was made to sleep following the death of her father that left her penniless and the mean headmistress quickly points out her new station in life,

“You are like Becky, you must work for a living. If you make yourself useful I may let you stay here.”

But it is the audience who are going to be the driving force in this production,

“We will use this week to work out who is our future audience; can this appeal to everyone?”

If the reaction from their young audience was anything to go by, then they are definitely on the right track, a group of local scouts, mostly boys, liked the way they had represented the different scenes including the attic room windows and were also keen to learn more about the production process.

Whilst not guaranteed, let’s hope A Little Princess will soon find the support it needs to take it to the next stage…hopefully one near you very soon!

– – – –

Thanks Sophia, and we hope to see you again soon, KiteHigh!