Sophia is backstage! with Glorilla


Blog by Sophia Moseley

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World we live in and if you were sitting in the audience at the Marine Theatre on Friday night, whilst there was no Jimmy Durante or Spencer Tracey, you still would have been in very good company as Spitz & Co took us into the Kungalunga Jungle to meet Mickey the rather dodgy looking gorilla.

But the evening kicked off with director and banjo playing Angus Barr,

“I’m the warm up act and I’m not just going to sing songs, I’m going to make the world a better place via Lyme Regis…I’m going to start with excessive car insurance premiums”

From which point the audience were in stitches as Angus sang his way through a multitude of politically incorrect and environmental issues including a parody of Petula Clark’s song ‘Downtown’.

So by the time Susie Donkin came on stage everyone was primed and ready for more hilarity and with her agitated portrayal of nervous tour manager, Josephine Cunningham, we soon got the measure of the more confident Gloria Delaneuf played by Pauline Morel who had no interest in promoting their sponsor, Clairol hair products!

From the rather dubious gorilla costume to the wind-up mice that scurried across the stage (until Mickey kicks one into orbit!), it is non-stop madness and mayhem with a rather saucy scene when Gloria strips down to a swimsuit for a quick wash and is then carried off into a small pop-up tent by a very dubious looking Tarzan-esque character and as for what goes on in the little tent, well that’s why the show is for 14+

“Mickey I can explain”

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Josephine as she rushed around like a lunatic doing all she could to help Gloria whilst at the same time shapeshifting from anxious tour manager to horny gorilla cum jungle man, with occasional overlaps of costumes that led to an uproarious reaction from the audience.


I don’t think I’ll look at Tarzan in quite the same way again!