Sophia is Backstage! at Stig of the Dump



Stig of the Dump in Lyme Regis

There were no mexican waves when I first watched ‘Stig of the Dump’ years ago (I don’t think they’d even been invented then), but the London Contemporary Theatre production of this classic story soon had the audience on their feet with their hands in the air.

Even before the play started the performers were determined to make sure everyone felt they were an integral part of the performance, as Grandma chatted away to the audience on one side of the auditorium and on the other side was Barney who struck up a conversation with some children after moaning about how bored he was!

The story unfolds with a few seemingly ad hoc lines thrown in,

“Is that in the script?” Grandad asks.

And with a song or two for good measure, there was plenty to hold the attention of the young audience; of particular curiosity was the brilliant puppetry that was Stig.

The picture colouring during the interval added a whole new dimension as the finished artwork was hung up on the stage for everyone to see, much to the delight of the children who had plenty to say about the performance!

Eight year old Rhona was there with her grandma,

“I like it because it has a small cast so I can keep up with what’s going on and I thought the arguing was funny, it’s just the same as when I argue with my friends.”

Millie who is seven really enjoyed it and especially the puppet Stig who she thought was very funny and her five year old brother Charlie liked the squabbling (I can see a trend developing here!)

For me it was the exceptional stage set, and like Millie, I enjoyed the puppetry. The recommended age group is 6+ but personally I think the ideal age bracket is 4 – 8 years old, but then we all love the magic of live theatre don’t we!

Thanks Sophia, and thanks to the cast and crew of Stig of the Dump. More Backstage! next week…