Sophia goes Backstage! with The Butcher artists-in-residence



Backstage! at The Butcher


“It’s a gig…a puppet show…a ghost story. It’s not a straight piece of theatre.”

Said composer singer/song writer Paul Mosley when asked to sum up just what the audience might expect to see, and with his song and music, and puppetry by Old Saw Puppet Theatre and some macabre goings-on, he pretty much hit the nail on the head!

I met Paul at the start of his R&D week along with Greta from Old Saw and Orlando, both of whom have previously worked with Paul; they had just arrived back from a shopping spree in Lyme having bought a large fishing net, a huge wooden mallet and a vintage table top meat mincer.

Based on his soon to be released album, Paul wanted Greta and Orlando to give his story of The Butcher a different interpretation but keep its plot and storyline, and with the fantastic backdrop of the dramatic Jurassic coast and the famous Pearl of Dorset, Lyme Regis turned out to give the team some extra inspiration, particularly as the story opens with a broken down lighthouse.

“We’re fortunate to be here in the bad weather!” said Greta.

So with an intro from Paul, the audience were soon drawn into the dark and sinister world of The Butcher where the star gazer and the scientist each look for the same thing albeit in different places, and it was Greta and Orlando’s excellent puppetry skills that tossed us out in a boat onto a stormy sea, and made our hearts go out to the telescope holding astronomer as the scientist waved good bye.

But it was the near life-size model of a skeleton made from driftwood and other recycled materials that grabbed everyone’s attention – quite literally! Luckily the younger members of the audience seemed unphased by its skeletal shenanigans; in fact they were eager to meet it after the show!

The Butcher was the last of the 2015 ‘R&D by the Sea’ sessions so make sure you look out for our 2016 programme that will be out soon!


Thanks Sophia, thanks Paul, Greta and Orlando for an amazing showing.