Sophia goes Backstage! with Roxy Magic…


“I wanted to be David Bowie really but I sounded like Bryan Ferry”

I’m speaking to lead singer of Roxy Magic, Kevin Hackett, who describes himself as ‘an all or nothing type of person’, before he takes to the stage to entertain a packed auditorium with his acclaimed performance as the UK’s ultimate tribute to Byran Ferry and Roxy Music. He is in fact a dead ringer for the famous singer song writer from Tyne and Wear.

His 23 years in the army as a Warrant Officer and a Falklands veteran aside, Kevin grew up in a house filled with music and it was this affinity that saw him return to the music scene and 12 years on, he knows exactly how to entertain the fans,

“There’s a big difference between playing in a theatre like the Marine and a stand-up concert, we adjust to fit the audience.”

Simon Atkins on drums has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the pop scene and after some research into Roxy, he contacted Kevin and said he’d be interested in being the drummer; that was 12 years ago,

“You can have good musicians but there’s an extra element and if it’s missing it will come across in the performance, you have to ‘understand’ Roxy, the music has to be spot on.”

It takes a lot to be the best tribute band so what do they do to relax when they’re away from the Roxy Magic?

Kevin enjoys running and swimming and loves reading, his current book is Frederick Forsyth’s The Deceiver, he also has a bit of a spicy appetite enjoying Indian and Mexican food with a pint of real ale alongside.

Simon likes a bit of footie and the cinema but it’s really music all the way for him although he also takes his real ale seriously and is a fully paid up member of CAMRA.

The next time they’re in Lyme they’re hoping to see what the local micro-breweries have to offer.


Thanks Sophia! Thanks for a great show Roxy Magic. More from Backstage! next week.