Sophia goes Backstage! with master storyteller Debs Newbold


Debs Newbold, Storyteller & Morris Dancer

“It was like having a cinema in my head watching the best film ever!”

Just one of the comments heard after Debs Newbold’s terrific storytelling performance in the Marine Bar last Thursday…but where does her mastery come from, is it nature or nurture?


The foundation stone was laid during Debs’ childhood; born in Marston Green near Birmingham, her family moved to Tamworth where Debs loved it, she has a particularly fond memory of a horse in the adjacent fields who tried to eat her sister’s hair bobble!

She decided early on that she wanted to be a performer; her school would extend their Friday assembly so she could give them a 20 minute performance! Then having gained a BA (Hons) in Drama and English Lit, her future career as a renowned storyteller began.

She moved to Kilburn, London in 2001, giving it a year – she’s still there!

“I have a good community of friends here and I love the Thai café opposite me, and Hampstead Heath.”

So where does she get her inspiration?

“My biggest influence were my parents who gave me a blank canvas and dad always said, don’t ever dread the alarm clock going off and I really don’t!”

And it’s a real mixed bag of influencers, from Shakespeare to Yoko Ono and David Bowie to D H Lawrence,

“I can’t narrow it down, there are loads who inspire me.”

And when Debs isn’t working, what about holidays?

“Anything involving water, the sea, lakes, rivers, I don’t mind the cold water a bit; the sea is not just for looking at.”

That can’t leave much spare time, or so you would think, but Debs is a member of the Cecil Sharp Morris Dancers,

“It’s a brilliant way to keep fit.”

And on a final note, a favourite drink?

“Tea, a good strong builders’ brew, I am a bricklayer’s daughter after all!”

I’ll just put the kettle on then.

Thanks Sophia, thanks Debs! More next week…