Sophia goes Backstage! with Luke Brown’s Princess R&D

Luke Brown

You need a strong stomach to work with Luke Brown; also strong arms, legs, in fact the workout they did each morning was not so much a warm-up exercise as a foot-drill for soldiers!

Princess takes you on a journey of love from the first nerve-racking date to the final break-up; the title is the name Luke gave his mother (behind her back) and it is his emotionally turbulent childhood that led him to produce this show.

“It’s an autobiographical exploration about the things I’ve seen and witnessed. The lack of a mother’s love during my childhood has affected my love as an adult.”

Combining gymnastics, dance, drama and improvisation, the choreography Luke has devised emulates the often choppy waters of relationships,

“The show is about the beauty and brutality of true love, the ability to love connects the human race, it is something that everyone would feel at some point.”

This was the first time the performers Amy Robertson, Kyle Lawson and Andrzej Kamienski had met, but watching them you’d think they’d been working together for weeks, especially one scene when they were nudging each other out of the way to recall a memory,

“It seemed when you complimented me that your smile was only an outline.”

“When you told me, at least you knew I had a heart because you broke it.”

We saw three chapters; the first performed by Kyle and Andrzej showed the excitement of new love then on to the demise of the relationship.

We didn’t see the boxing ring scene or Amy in the wedding dress and unicorn head, “I have a headful of dreams but the reality is very different” but the message of love, how the seed is planted in young people and the different ways it grows resounded with the audience but for me it was the athletic performance and simultaneous narration that explained Luke’s theory that…

 “The world of love is random”


Thanks Sophia! Thanks to Luke Brown and his company. More Backstage! next week…