Sophia goes Backstage! with folk musicians Adam and Saskia



“I listen to plenty of recorded music so it makes a nice change to listen to it live and this is something a bit different.”

Said Joseph Starchild from Bridport who I had never met before, but sitting in the Marine Bar with its panoramic view and sumptuously comfortable sofa alongside other guests here to enjoy the Lunchtime Concert, it felt like I was among good friends as we enjoyed the witty repartee and introduction from Tracey West of Magic Oxygen Books,

“The sun is shining which puts me one step closer to wearing my shorts!”

This informal concert kicked off with Adam Sweet singing At Times Like This taken from his debut album Small Town Thinking. All of us were immediately captivated by his brilliant guitar playing and melodic voice.

His roots are set in classic rock including Hendrix and Deep Purple, but with the help of singer songwriter Steve Black, Adam started to write his own songs including one about a trip abroad,

“I went to Athens and had a few hours to kill so I went into a bar. Sadly I was scammed.”

And a new hit called Albertine.

About life and love, his performance was a medley of wistful lyrics and great folk music that left the audience wanting more.

Saskia’s first song In Time was inspired by a Joan Baez hit Diamonds in Rust and it was this heart-on-your-sleeve style that soon drew in the audience as Saskia encouraged us to join in with the chorus,

“I like it when people join in, even if it’s just humming.”

And like Adam, her songs are about the trials and tribulations of life including Call on Spring that she wrote when her six year old sister was seriously ill.

They rounded off with a duet of the Fleetwood Mac hit Dreams Chords and an audience who would gladly have drifted along comfortably with the late afternoon into evening listening to their wonderful guitar playing and singing.


Thanks Sophia, thanks Adam and Saskia! More from Backstage! next week…