Sophia goes Backstage! at the He Had Hairy Hands performance…

Sophia has some thoughts about the show on Friday night…



The Marine Theatre made ready for some scary goings-on when Kill the Beast, the comedy quintet comprising David Cumming, Oliver Jones, Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts and Clem Garritty came to Lyme Regis as part of their ‘He Had Hairy Hands’ Autumn Tour.

With the one and only prop on stage being an old fashioned dustbin and the projected image of ‘Kill the Beast’ it made me think of an old black & white TV show, you know the sort of thing, a bit like the early ‘Batman & Robin’ episodes, when the badies always got their comeuppance.

And as for the dustbin; well it clearly had an important role to play at some point.

But it was the opening act that set the scene for me; a heavily pregnant woman in distress who is very soon giving birth with the ‘help’ of her friends.

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, cringe or worry about the younger members of the audience as a rather hairy creature is born and promptly chucked in the dustbin (I knew it had a vital role!).

We move on 24 years to 1974 and the village of Hemlock-Under-Lye where we meet the two dog-walking Tricia’s who make a gruesome discovery; the remains of constable McTavish! But with the village fete just days away, no one wants the inconvenience of a murder or a werewolf!

The performers gave it their all with a non-stop show of Monty Pythonesque intense and sadistic comedy cum horror, combining wildly physical routines and grotesque make-up and costumes that added a Beetlejuice/The Joker fascination to the show.

My favourite character was the mayor who had a pigeon, whom he believed was his son, permanently attached to his arm. Quite clearly a man who is one sandwich short of a picnic, he’s a keen hunter…

 “the biggest game of all are the trees, just when you think they’re going to move – they don’t.”

This slapstick fast paced high energy horror comedy was brilliantly performed.

What did anyone else think?

— thanks Sophia, more from Backstage! next week.