Sophia goes Backstage! at the Marine Music Hall Dinner


It was the gathering of the great and the good from the chimney sweep and the academic to the can-can dancer and the aristocrat; such was the pull of the Marine’s invitation to enjoy an evening of music, dining and award-winning entertainment.

Everyone embraced the idea of dress to impress from top hat and tails to the striking crispness of a dinner jacket and Edwardian suffragettes to the saucy fishnet tights of the music hall girls and with the back drop of the sun setting on Golden Cap, everyone enjoyed the pre-dinner drinks whilst being entertained by the internationally renowned Slightly Fat Features and their Peepo Show along with the world’s first cinematic perambulator.

It was a job to decide who to talk to, I would have happily chatted to every single guest but that would have filled a book not a blog; for instance there was Maralyn and Malcolm Hinxman who arrived in a minibus with a group of 16 from Charmouth, and from Plymouth were the chimney sweep Hambley brothers, Mike and Mark,

“We’re hoping to audition for Bert from Mary Poppins”, accompanied by their suffragette wives Sue and Linda.

And to keep it authentic, Karen, Sally, Debbie and Sarah from Suffolk googled traditional Edwardian names and for the evening they were called Edna, Aggie, Winnie and Fanny. This was their first visit to the Marine but they all agreed it would be the first of many!

Jeremy and Sue Burrows from Sussex, looking the epitome of glamour, told me

“We are looking forward to some fun and daftness!”

By the time I made my way into the auditorium that had been transformed into a grand theatrical dining room, 101 guests were being waited on hand on foot by the team of volunteer waiting staff.

The raffle caused great excitement and I was delighted to see Sue the suffragette win a bottle of Champagne and the lucky winner of the 1st prize, a trip to the Badminton Horse Trials was won by Nathalie Allan.

Even the delayed arrival of the pie and mash main course did nothing to dampen their spirits, the atmosphere was convivial and everyone was smiling. Without question the evening was a resounding success, well done to all!

More photos from this fantastic event to follow on the Backstage! blog…