Sophia goes Backstage! at Macbeth


“Fair is foul…foul is fair”

The whisper soon became a shout as Troels Hagen and Paul O’Mahony whipped the audience into a frenzy with the opening scene of their ‘Out of Chaos’ 80 minute production of Macbeth.

“Let’s give it up for Macbeth!”

The young audience from the Sir John Colfox School, Bridport and Wadham School, Crewkerne were soon being swept along in the high octane two man performance of the 16+ characters in this famous Shakespeare play.

From the cue cards they stuck in front of the audience’s noses to hauling someone up onto the stage shouting “to bed, to bed” it was a non-stop full on show.

The rapid-fire Q&A session afterwards said it all:

How often do you rehearse?

For this particular show we had two weeks then a show in Birmingham then another week before coming here, but it had to fit in round Troels who is working on another show.

Why did you want to turn it into a two man play?

We wanted to work with an existing text and tackle Shakespeare and the number of relationships in Macbeth gave us the extreme challenge we were looking for.

How many people did it take to put this show together?

There’s a core team of five: director Mike Tweddle, music & sound Phil Ward, set & lighting Claire Browne, Troels and myself.

Do you ever get worried before coming on stage?

Yes, especially when it’s something new and there are always different challenges at each venue; whether it’s a simple hall or proper theatre. We have to work out how and when to move so we don’t bump into each other!

Kyre O’Regan and Saskia Riccard from Wadham School stopped to chat with me;

“It was the emotion in their voices and the way they changed into different characters so quickly plus how they managed to pack it all in. Macbeth was our favourite, he was played really well!”

—Thanks Sophia, Thanks for a fantastic two shows, to our two-man Macbeth.—