Sophia goes Backstage! at Lyme Youth Theatre’s Musical: Bedbug


Recycled cardboard boxes played a major role in the Lyme Youth Theatre production of Bedbug the Musical, but it was the enthusiasm of the young performers that really triumphed.

Mechanic Ivan Varlet played by Joe Urquhart, set the scene as he discarded his proletariat life of manual labour in favour of the trappings of the bourgeois and sent his girlfriend Zoya, played by Roisin Linnett, packing in favour of the hairdresser Elzevir, played by Eleanor Hills,

“I have dis-invented him…our former love has been liquidated. I have fought for the good life and won”

The story unfolds; the wedding, the fight, the fire eventually extinguished by drunken firemen then 50 years later and the un-freezing of Ivan. Which is when we meet the bedbug that had been living on Ivan; and it is in this creature that Ivan finds solace as he faces the new Russia and a much aged Zoya!

“Here’s a little animal friend I recognise, a bed bug, hello bed bug”

But what was it that made this production so top notch? Was it the brilliant acting, the perfectly delivered dialogue, the fantastic singing or perhaps the clever use of cardboard boxes?

For me it was the very obvious enthusiasm and love of taking part and despite just one rehearsal per week, their professionalism and talent was unmistakable.

But what did the performers think?

Goleg, the life stylist, played by 17 year old Hope Mortimor,

“I didn’t know anybody when I came here but everyone was really welcoming and I loved it and 100% I’d do it again. I’m really going to miss it.”

 Zoya, Ivan’s girlfriend, played by Roisin Linnett,

“I didn’t think it would be as funny as it is, I struggle to do the serious stuff and I enjoyed the singing.”

And the directors from National Theatre Connections were equally impressed,

“You put a smile on my face, you brought it to life and seeing the support you give each other is wonderful.”

Next stop, Theatre Royal Bath!

Thanks Sophia, thanks LYT!