Sophia goes Backstage! as theatre Duty Manager


The Call of Duty


You’ve heard of the Night Manager? Well, now meet the Duty Manager!

Having recently landed this rather prestigious role, I spent a gruelling two evenings shadowing my mentors so I could learn the ropes of this distinguished post and was soon ready to fly solo.

It may have been Friday the 13th but this was theatre, what could possibly go wrong?

My first night got off to a flying start with my pre-flight checks completed when three of our marvellous volunteers, Wendy, Susan and David who were running the coffee bar, found the hot water dispenser was dispensing anything but hot water, so without losing my cool the problem was quickly fixed and we soon had plenty of piping hot water to serve our guests with a fresh cuppa.

Crisis averted.

Feeling quite triumphant I was ready for anything; I didn’t have to wait long.

Another volunteer, Danny, who tonight was acting as usher said there was a problem with the loos.

Now some of you may know that our Artistic Director, Clemmie Reynolds, has some very exciting plans for the front of house that includes replacing the aged facilities that are the embodiment of post (or possibly pre) war lavatorial experiences. This occasionally means there is a nasty niff, the source of which…actually we won’t go into that. But after an emergency dash to the local supermarket we soon dealt with the whiff thanks to some Floral Glade.

I felt invincible!

It was a full house and it wasn’t long before it was curtains up and everyone was enjoying the Lyme Regis Musical Theatre’s performance of Sister Act and I was allowed a behind the scenes look at the tech.

A brilliant first act and during the interval after carrying out my interim checks, I did a bit of meeting and greeting and came across Paula Beviss aka Sister Mary Fowles’ husband who told me Paula suffered from Parkinson’s but loves taking part in the musical productions. Then there was Councillor Owen Lovell who was there in his official capacity as Mayor of Lyme Regis.

So allowing for a few Friday the 13th hiccups, this new Duty Manger looks forward to welcoming you here soon. Let’s go on with the show!


Thanks Sophia! Well done. More Backstage! next week…