Sophia Backstage! Press-ups, sit-ups and Bedbug the Musical




The Lyme Youth Theatre (‘LYT’) are pretty excited about their pending performance of Bedbug the Musical and with less than two months before curtain-up, the rehearsals have moved up a gear as the costumes are fitted and the choral composition reaches fever pitch.


It is Marine Theatre’s Artistic Director, Clemmie Reynolds, with some help from Bournemouth based guest assistant director Aaron Bay Parker, writer/composer James Reynolds and costume designer Juliet Leigh who will bring it all together and with some rather demanding chorus lines and lively dialogue, having met a few of the cast, I don’t think they have any concerns!


I went along to a recent rehearsal and within a few minutes of everyone arriving, there were press-ups, sit-ups and a whole lot of shaking going on as Clemmie took them through some warming up exercises.

In between costume fitting and singing I spoke to a few of the cast.

Chloe Harris, currently in Year 12 at the Woodroffe School joined in November 2015 hoping to help backstage but Clemmie persuaded her otherwise,

“I originally came here to do stage design then Clemmie inspired me to take part although I do still help backstage. It’s quite exciting to see how it all comes together.”

Chloe plays the part of Barefoot the tramp but also designed the show’s poster.


Barney Harker has been coming since 2011 and took part in the National Theatre Connections programme in 2015,

“I enjoy acting and this is my first musical which is a lot of fun.”

Playing multiple roles including the father of the bride, a reporter and an usher, it’s going to be a quick turn-around in the changing room for Barney!


Jodie Licinio plans to study Drama GCSE and loves nothing more than performing before a live audience and is looking forward to the show,

“I’m excited and nervous. I’ve played a few roles but I’m glad I’m a Dancing Doll because I like the singing most of all.”


Well if the energy and excitement of last night is anything to go by, Bedbug is one show not to miss this March 9th-12. Tickets on sale here


Thanks Sophia! Thanks LYT!

For more information and tickets please see our Bedbug webpage or call the Box Office on 01297 442138.