Invisible Music is an unforgettable, immersive, gig- theatre experience

What happens when the soundtrack to your life changes; when you are listening but hearing differently?

Pete Flood (arranger/percussionist with Bellowhead) and Jules Bushell, P4’s long-term sound designer, have created a 5- piece band full of acoustic delights; supported by stunning projections, this is music, and verbatim audio clips, that are mesmerising, evocative, celebratory and profoundly moving.

This Platform 4’s first major project since the acclaimed Memory Points (The Guardian’s Top 10 shows of 2015). Pete Flood (arranger/percussionist with Bellowhead) and Jules Bushell, P4’s long-term sound designer, collaborate to create a 5- piece band full of acoustic experimental delight.

A concert with a difference, an immersive, celebratory event – think live concept album layered with exquisite audio snippets. This sound- piece is inspired by a series of interviews the company made with members of Winchester’s lip reading group and describes their experiences and stories through a loose narrative of six musical movements: From setting sail into unknown waters, to sinking underwater, to surfacing and eventually finding land. All told through a variety of musical instruments and sampled voices.

This is Platform 4’s most personal project to date, Platform 4’s Artistic Director, Catherine Church says: “This piece was inspired by my mother who initially started me thinking about this project because she showed me a poem she had written called ‘Surreal Existence’ about her own experiences of gradually losing her hearing. That was the starting point, and from there I started going to Mum’s lip reading class and meeting more people. I asked myself: Could I make a sound-piece about the loss of sound?”

Download programme here.

“I was blown away – Beautiful.” BBC South Today.

★★★★“Platform 4 make remarkable work” The Guardian

Phil Gibby, Area Director, South West, Arts Council England, said: “We’re delighted to support Platform 4 through our National-Lottery funded Grants for the Arts programme to tour Invisible Music. By putting those who experience hearing loss at the centre of the creative process, Platform 4 present a unique and often unexplored perspective which makes a fantastic contribution to the Arts Council’s commitment to embedding and promoting diversity and will ensure more people in more places can experience and be inspired by the arts.”
Editors Note: Platform 4 is an artist-led company that creates playful and unexpected worlds in which performers and participants can explore their creativity and the things that matter to them. The work is highly visual, often intimate in scale and process, connects people and puts human relationships at the heart of the event.”


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Bar opens 7 P.M., starts 8 P.M.



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