Backstage! meets Live Art Show presents Free Will


Marine Theatre blogger, Sophia, catches up with our R&D residents, Live Art Show.

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Warning: this show contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing!!!

I was touched but slightly alarmed when Martin said “don’t worry, we will look after you” and my curiosity heightened as we were led onto the stage and told the performance would be carried out in the dark,

“It’s important you remain seated and if anything is handed to you, please pass it along.”

The curtains were closed, the scene was set, the audience was plunged into darkness and when I say ‘dark’ I mean dark!

I first met Martin and Alan, two thirds of LiveArtShow, shortly after they arrived at the Marine for their five day stint of R&D by the Sea. They were still feeling their way around the theatre as well as Lyme Regis; the landscape, the people and the building each influencing what they were looking for and what was that? I asked them, but they would not be led,

“We want to heighten the senses; it will be a live theatrical podcast.”

The two actors, Catherine and Tom, were soon developing their characters albeit in a rather less conventional way, using their iPhones instead of a script; recording their speech, listening to it through earphones and repeating what they heard. A difficult method but they executed it with absolute perfection!

“We expect the actors to be unedited.”

Anyway, back to the pitch black stage where we sat, waiting, wondering…


I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to jump out of my skin as something landed on the stage, my nerves were tingling and I was waiting for something to be passed to me by my neighbour. But nothing touched me, physically at least, I have to say that mentally I was on edge and at one point I shut my eyes to make the darkness seem less dark (it made sense at the time!)

The story unfolds; a man has been missing for seven years but mysterious things have been happening suggesting some kind of paranormal activity and it is Cath and Tom who are investigating.

With the smell of the deceased’s aftershave and the Fred Astaire hit Cheek to Cheek playing, we are thrown into a foreboding and mysterious world where the two investigators are quite literally, in the dark, and we were left wondering…