Diary of an Intern Backstage!…Day 2 and still very new



Intern Blog Day 2



After yesterday flew by in a whirlwind of new information, today has been a day of settling in and smoothing out the creases.


I am now steadily progressing from beginner to intermediate at all sorts of technical things like ‘Google Drive’, ‘TeamSnap’ – the volunteers’ communication platform and the website editing tool ‘Wordpress’.  Importantly, I’ve learnt that ‘TweetDeck’ has, in fact, got nothing to do with either ships or DJs…


Answering the phone as ‘Marine Theatre’ is becoming automatic, I’ve learnt about ten billion new people’s names and functions, met lots of shop owners out flyering, and can now even help to draft contracts.


My very pink notebook is already half full, and I’m referring to the current programme and my new personal calendar all the time. There’s just so much new information – it’s quite exhilarating!


I’ve already learnt so many useful new things for my future career, all accompanied by Far From the Madding Crowd’s stunning folk singing. I definitely recommend combining folk song with a Freddo – fantastic!

Thanks Verity! More Backstage! insights from our Interns next week…