• Flo and Joan Naz Osmanoglu with Flo and Joan | Friday 8 December| 8pm - Naz Osmanoglu with Flo and Joan The Marine is pleased to present a special double bill of acclaimed comedy from Edinburgh Festival. Naz Osmanoglu Naz Osmanoglu is a British comedian and – strangely – a member of the Imperial House of Osman, former ruling dynasty of the Ottoman Empire. Star of BBC3’s Live at the […]
  • Fern Brady Comedy: Fern Brady | Friday 15 December 8pm - The Marine is pleased to present one of Scotland’s funniest comedians. Listed by The Telegraph as one of the top 5 comedians to watch, and following 2 shows that sold out through word of mouth alone, Scottish comedian Fern Brady is back on tour. She reached the finals of “So You Think You’re Funny” at […]
  • Robin Ince - spring 2017 photo Timothy Ginn Comedy: Robin Ince | Thursday 19 April - The star of The Infinite Monkey Cage returns brings his first new solo show for three years to Lyme Regis’s Marine Comedy Club. Expect a hilarious night-out about love, death and art – with a teeny bit of physics. Fizzing with ideas about creativity in science and art, as well as asking why we believe […]