Helen Tennison R&D diary day 2!

Helen and her company are working on a new play at the Marine Theatre all this week before the free showing on Thursday at 5pm…


Marine Diary – Reading Lucrece – Helen Tennison 20th October 2015

Waking up to my second day of R&D by the sea in my attic room (the perfect place for this mad woman), I am enjoying the sound of seagulls. It certainly makes a change from London, and there is something about the Marine Theatre that is truly magical. Handy, because the piece we’re creating is site responsive. It’s a promenade piece, a sort of alternative, absurd tour of the building that heads off on tangents that gradually take you further from the tour and deeper into the life of your tour guide. The creative starting point for the piece is Shakespeare’s narrative poem, The Rape of Lucrece. The story is as, you would expect, about Lucrece’s rape, by a soldier named Tarquin. It deals with her terrible feelings of shame, unwarranted feelings common to the majority of women who have been subjected to rape. Tough subject matter, not something it’s easy to look at directly, but statistics in Britain indicate that rape is increasing. Perhaps theatre can help the discussion, help ease the shame and start the healing? Yesterday I was working with my incredible video designer Eva Auster who created some stunning projections based on the idea of loosing your sense of self – an experience common to pretty much anyone at some point in their lives, not just those who have survived extreme trauma. And this is the key, to make the subject matter accessible, to make something conceptually exciting and very importantly, to inject lots of humour, because, lets face it, enjoying life is the whole point! And now for a day focusing on sound installations with my super talented sound designer, Matt Eaton. But before that I shall have breakfast with my wonderful hosts Richard and Sally-Anne, home-made whisky marmalade and the sound of the sea, what a great way to start the day!

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