Backstage! with Magnificent Three

image on the way!

words and image by Sophia Moseley

“There will be loud bangs and pyrotechnics”

I had agreed with the Miracle Theatre that it would be wise to announce this before the show started, after all it would never do to have members of the audience having a panic attack or worse; the theatre is to thrill not kill!

There was a bit of a chilly wind blowing in off the sea but at least it wasn’t raining and fortunately most people had sensibly brought blankets and warm jackets.

Now when it comes to the Magnificent Three think Calamity Jane meets Yul Brynner from that famous western and the show’s alter ego, The Magnificent Seven with the same sleepy town where the entertainment is…limited;

“I’m a cocking”

“I’m a running”

“See ya later, come round and throw some stones at some chickens”

“Can’t you see I’m busy” says the sheriff when someone interrupts him throwing peanuts into a glass.

Of course you can’t have a western without a fight so when someone was found cheating at cards, it soon turned into a bar room brawl with slow-mo punches, people catapulting over the bar and chairs being snapped in two.

And when the deputy arrives dragging a metal step ladder across the stage that turns out to be his trusty mule, a member of the audience is soon hauled up to help him mount it!

I have to admit I was waiting for the loud bangs and fire we had been promised and I began to wonder if they’d had second thoughts but when another fight broke out the gunshot rang out and someone threw a grenade of fire that landed in a pot at the edge of the stage. Lucky for those people sitting at the front the actor had a good aim!

Now that would be a calamity!