Backstage! interview with Mark Thomas

Our roving Backstage! blogger, Sophia, meet Mark Thomas in the red dressing room before his show on Friday 9th October.

Mark Thomas is a ‘domestic extremist’ or at least that’s how the police have categorised him, and his show Trespass is indicative of just what he gets up to under the scrutiny of the authorities’ eye. But offstage?

He needs coffee.


Mark Thomas

“I still remember my dad’s reaction when I told him about my college course; I was the first in the family to go to college although they were probably disappointed I wasn’t training to be a lawyer!”

“These Dance & Movement classes, do they wear tights?” he asked.

The oldest of four, Mark has two sisters and a brother, and is married to Jennifer Landreth. He has a son, Charlie who is 20 and studying anthropology and a 15 year old daughter who has bright blue hair!

But had he always wanted to be a comedian given that his father was a builder,

“I tried really hard to fit in, I was sent to the Christ Hospital boarding school in Sussex, but from the age of 16 I knew I wanted to be a performer then a mate of mine got into drama school and I thought if he can do it so can I.
We formed a band called ‘Catch’ followed by a number so whenever someone dropped out the number went up. We reached ‘Catch 3’ then split up.”

His touring schedule is back-to-back all year, so what does he do to relax?
“Listen to loud music and walking my cockapoo Ralph and reading; I’m reading Terry Pratchett’s Mort at the moment.”

Favourite food?

“Coffee. I can survive without food but not coffee; I have a calor gas stove but I’ve been banned from using it because of the fire risk.”

And if you were not a performer, what would you be?

“An assassin, one of the old fashioned sort.”

I wondered if the police have also marked this against him on another list…


Thanks Sophia! More Backstage! news next week.