Backstage guest Blog! Labels

words by Joe Sellman-Leava and Michael Woodman, Co-Artistic Directors, Worklight Theatre

We are proper excited to bring Labels to Lyme Regis!  Joe, who wrote and performs in the show, was lucky enough to teach the Marine Theatre’s youth theatre group from 2012-2013, but this will be the first time we’ve performed a show here, so we can’t wait!

Since Edinburgh 2015, we’ve done over 180 performances of the show around the UK and Australia, and are soon heading off the USA and Singapore with it too. And there’s two things we’ve loved most:

The first is seeing so many places we might not otherwise get the chance to. 

The second is the discussions we have with audiences after the show. It sparks conversation, stories, even debates. People are keen to share their own experiences of prejudice, labelling and family.

We thought 2015 would be the peak of bad news when it came to the refugee crisis and far-right politics, but 2016 has taken things to frightening new levels. Labels is a drop in the ocean and we won’t pretend for a second that a small theatre show alone can change the world. 

But at a time when divisions are deeply felt by many of us, and deliberately exploited by a few of us, using storytelling, comedy and theatre to bring people together in dialogue seems like a good start.

– – – – – – – –

Thanks to WorkLight Theatre, we are looking forward to the show on Thursday night!