Backstage! at Big Mix


big mix

photo and words by Sophia Moseley


I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last decent summer we had but being the stoics we are, we don’t let our inclement weather stop us and on Saturday we were richly rewarded with the Big Mix.

Entertained by the very talented young stars that are B Sharp who performed a number of hits whilst the ambling audience could enjoy a relaxing swing in the enormous hammocks or take a seat in a deckchair. With a bar-b-q thanks to the Galley Café, some cake stalls and various other stands, the Marine Theatre Square was definitely the place to be.

After a full afternoon of musical performances, the audience, perhaps gratefully, continued their musical pilgrimage inside the theatre with the Hub Jammers kicking off a full night of excellent song and dance.

There was a wide range of songs, style and age groups including cornet and drum player Will, who I guess is perhaps in Year 7 but who evidently has an enormous talent. The auditorium was full of supportive family and friends of these young performers who may not have had band names but they certainly had oodles of confidence.

Jacques Verhaeren, part of the B Sharp team, compered the evening,

“We don’t have a band name, we just have some great music”

With a touch of Glastonbury but without the mud, tents or wellington boots, the audience meandered and strolled, chatting and laughing, glad to be there not just for the music but the relaxed atmosphere with drinks being served in the famous Marine Bar along with a selection of real ale.

As the evening progressed the professional groups took to the stage including Indie-Americana trio Wildwood Kin who were a big hit despite Meghann Loney facing a slight challenge with the “wig” on one of her drumsticks!

With Papa Le Gal and Cris de Lin, this musical festival really was a great Big Mix of music for everyone!