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Welcome all. Here it is, the forum on which you can get news and updates from all our successful R&D By The Sea applicants. What will follow on this feed is a selection of posts giving news and information on each and every R&D project. Enjoy!


RTR BandAid Dirty - High Res


Your money has hit the roof!

We are thrilled to announce that we have now raised enough money for the first part of the roof-fixing process! Woo hoo!

Thanks to everyone who has donated and been involved in fundraising events, we are able to spend the amount raised so far (£7,500) on securing a new flat roof before the remainder of the work is eventually completed. We are still quite a way off before reaching that goal of raising the full £95,000 but this does mean that the decorative, drip-catching paddling pools can be put away and we can enjoy an exciting few months of events in the dry!




Any fin is possible!


Mackerel Feast

Wow! The money and support just keeps ‘shoal-ing’ in! A huge thanks to Mark Hix and all involved  with the Mackerel Feast evening. Thanks to you all, we have £1,101.10 to add to our Raise the Roof campaign. Fin-tastic!